Forbes December 2015: Insightful Planning and Value-Driven Investment Management

February 18, 2016 | By Steven DiGregorio

Forbes: New York Financial Leaders

Forbes: New York Financial Leaders

Compass Asset Management Group, LLC

Insightful Planning and Value-Driven Investment Management
“Prudence. Tough markets and bad timing devastate financial plans. Protecting against downside market risk is more critical to long-term success than overachieving in good markets. We’re risk averse; we believe the money you keep is even more important than the money you make,” says Steven M. DiGregorio, President, Compass Asset Management Group.

Compass Asset Management Group manages nearly $200 million in assets; we focus on advising clients in matters of wealth. As a fiduciary, the practice is bound by law to act in the best interests of our clients at all times; that is our overarching guiding principle. As fee-only registered investment advisors (RIAs), we sit on the same side of the table as our clients; our interests are aligned with theirs.

Only the Best – Never Compromise on What Is Right for the Client
“All of us at Compass Asset Management Group are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients at all times, with the utmost professionalism in ethical and legal matters. We emphasize value-driven investment management,” DiGregorio explains.

A current client, a former college administrator and software-company executive, is now enjoying life in ways she had never imagined possible following her recent retirement. “We devised a roadmap for transitioning her into retirement and implemented strategies that led to success,” DiGregorio says. “She now is able to focus on doing the things she loves, no longer having to worry about money.”

Communication and Education
“My dad worked two to three jobs most of his life, and took good care of his family,” DiGregorio says. “Unfortunately, he passed away at the doorstep of retirement. Had he been better advised at an earlier stage, he could have retired sooner and enjoyed the retirement he strived hard to achieve.”

“At Compass Asset Management Group, our underlying belief is that education and communication are the foundational precepts that empower success. We speak with nearly every client on a monthly basis about what’s taking place in the markets, the economy and anything else that may affect their portfolios or plans,” DiGregorio says. “That way, there are no surprises. One-to-one meetings with clients often include an educational component on anything from trading techniques and economic principles to the tools and tactics the practice utilizes to keep clients’ financial plans on track. Our clients then understand our recommendations better and are able to make more informed decisions about their finances.”

Compass Asset Management Group, Forbes

About Compass Asset Management Group

Our boutique-style firm has an investment philosophy is both prudent and value driven. We combine research from the largest firms on Wall Street with three decades of market experience to provide strategic, tactical and dynamic investment management.  Compass Asset Management Group, LLC delivers personalized financial planning, estate planning and investment management advice in a private setting with a high degree of sensitivity to your concerns and objectives. Our goal is to exceed yours expectations by listening closely, understanding deeply and communicating well through frequent, personal consultations entirely focused on your financial goals.

Make the right choice with your financial future. Consult Compass Asset Management Group for advice & guidance that will change your life. Plan better to live better…Call Compass Asset Management Group.

Please note that the content of this blog does not constitute tax advice and is only intended for the educational purpose of the reader.  Please consult your tax advisor for specifics regarding your circumstances.

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Steven M DiGregorio is President of Compass Asset Management Group, LLC and an Investment Advisor Representative with Spire Wealth Management, LLC a Federally Registered Investment Advisory Firm.  Securities offered through an affiliated company Spire Securities, LLC a Registered Broker/Dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

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