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March 15, 2016 | By Steven DiGregorio

how to set your financial goals


Defining your Goals

Are you thinking about re-evaluating your financial habits for the New Year?  You’re not alone.  New Year’s resolutions after all are a fancy, delicate way of saying you need to start making changes in your life.  The changes can vary from eating habits to spending habits, but they all have one thing in common: Goal setting is the best way to plan for your future.

Goals are most effective when written down, listed and prioritized.  Brainstorm your goals and write them all down.  No matter how big or small, writing down your goals will make them easier to manage.  Think about goals from all angles, including yourself, your family, your career, your hobbies, long vs. short term, etc.  Your list of goals can be endless.  These goals should then be categorized and listed in order of importance.  You need to be able to decide which goals will take priority over all the others and only get to the lesser goals when the really important ones are well provided for.

Creating a Budget

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to look at your current income and expenses.  First, you need to make sure your expenses do not surpass your income.  Take a look at old bank statements or see if your bank has an online budgeting tool.  Categorize your spending and analyze your spending habits to see if you can afford your goals.

When your budget is complete, see if you can cut back any unnecessary spending you have noticed in your old bank statements.  Keep in mind that just because you think you consider an expense a necessity does not truly mean it is. When budgeting for goals try dividing money for your goal into time increments to keep yourself on track.

Staying Consistent!

This is where most people fail to reach their goals, they start off strong for a few weeks and get distracted.  Keep your goals top of mind by either keeping your list in your wallet or pinned on your fridge or desk space.  Keep revisiting your budget and make sure you’re not spending too much on things that are taking from your goals.  It may help to set a target date to reach your goal by.

Even the best planners end up affected by setbacks, so don’t let them bring you down.  Set a new date or find a way to catch up by making extra money on the side.  You can find several ways to earn a little money when you have some free time available.  You can try to sell things you don’t use anymore, take online surveys, pursue a hobby that could make you extra cash, the possibilities are endless.  Make your goals a reality by making sure your money gets allocated properly this year.  Budget the right way and your goals will be fulfilled quicker and easier.


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